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We are an international investigative firm that specialized in monetary recovery; We have an intelligence-gathering team that hunts down subterrene information about unregulated businesses who are involved in frauds and illegal activities. We have served clients across the globe to retrieve millions of dollars. The solicitors we work with have yet to fail a case using the intelligence we provide.

International Lawyers Affiliation

We work with hundreds of foreign law firms. The goal of this association is to get justice to the clients across the globe and to reduce the international statutory obligations worldwide. Justice is predominating, and it will always be.


It doesn't matter which part of the world you belong from...
We have served our clients globally to retrieve funds from the following...

  • Asset / Wealth Management Comp.
  • Fake Binary Option Trading/li>
  • Fraudulent Forex Trading
  • Artificial Cryptocurrency Platforms
  • Fake Online Casino or Gambling
  •



Our priority is to provide the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity to serve our clients to retrieve their funds from Off-shore or On-shore fraudsters.

Our Experts

We have a team of specialists who have been serving our clients worldwide to get their funds back from international fraudsters. We know how to do it precisely because this is where our experience is counted.

Worldwide Clientale

We have worldwide clientele who have been remarkably satisfied with our assistance. Our global association network empowers us to serve our clients competently.



We have an in-house team of experienced Attorneys, and apart from that, we are a member of ILA (international lawyers affiliation), and that allows us to work closely with thousands of attorneys across the globe. We have access to almost all countries in the world as we work in collaboration with global law firms.


The members of our company belong to diverse fields and areas. Like Cybercrime, Banking, Technology, International Laws, and Investigation. That brings us enormous power to examine into the case entirely in a pragmatic or digital scam like Binary Options Trading, Cryptocurrencies Trading, Ponzi Schemes, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and Many more...


We have 150+ very experienced personnel in 3 different nations, USA, UK and St. Vincent & Grenadines and in India, working 24/7 365 days, our organization ensures complete client satisfaction via Webchat, email, Phone and now WhatsApp support also, each of our clients has provided with a personal executive to ensure the complete client satisfaction.


our experts have been featured press in numerous times

We Are Different

"Reclaws International" provides best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by unregulated investment platforms. We continue to explore successful investigative techniques, world-class legal associations, and gaining the trust and admiration of our clients. We establish long-term relationships with some of the best attorney-at-law in the realm of financial fraud, allowing "Reclaws International" to expedite the recovery process.


"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world."

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Contact us for no obligation assistance; We help you 24/7 365 days.

  • "I thought Banc de binary had ruined my life. BDB scammed me out of an extraordinary amount of money. I felt deceived, worthless, and embarrassed. I didn't know which way to turn for help. That was until I met Veronica from "Reclaws International." Veronica is a fantastic lady. She took on my case and had worked tirelessly on it. Not only she is very professional, but Jayden also helped me personally. He was there for me when I was on my emotional roller-coaster. He dug me out of my hole of shame. I was ashamed because I consider myself a smart woman, and I was ashamed of myself for being so stupid and believing in BDB. Jayden helped me through those dark self-doubting periods. He was always positive. Always had a plan when the fight changed paths. I am happy to say that all of my money that was lost through the credit card has been returned. I can not thank Veronica and Jayden enough. These are the genuine guys that will enter the battle with you with all guns blazing. it's hard for me to express in words how I feel honestly, other than, THANK YOU"
    Ginny Chan - Singapore
  • "I was defrauded for 90,000 GBP by FTO CAPITAL. I was distraught, and I started leaving bad reviews everywhere about them. Then someone contacted me on Facebook to say they have heard about someone who can help get your money back. The thing is, I'd been scammed by another company as well. However, I thought I should give it a try. Alex, who managed my case, was brilliant. He told me what I needed to do and say, and it worked out. After around six weeks, I got all of my money back. These are the good guys!!! I would recommend them to everyone who has been defrauded. Thanks so much! ""
    Patrick Robertson - England
  • "I was scammed for $37k. I was painstakingly trying to get my money through credit card chargeback disputes and submitting endless complaint forms to various authorities, with zero results. After contacting "Reclaws International" and getting in touch with Sandra, I was able to recover all my deposits. "Reclaws International" seems is the best when dealing with binary options scams. My special thanks to Sandra at "Reclaws International. Her professionalism and support help a lot in dealing with binary options brokers. I'd highly recommend contacting reclaws international team to get positive results for your claims"
    Jordan Rondesko - Canada


Latest News Posts


Almost $100 million in cryptocurrency has been stolen by exit scammers, as ICO tokens continue to plummet in value.

Cryptocurrency exit scams have conned people out of almost $100M.

xit scams continue to plague the ICO space as there is little by means of regulation to ensure the legitimacy of projects being listed, after all, there are no legal obligations in this arena to deliver a product once you have raised secured funding. It’s pretty much a digital wild west as far as the law is concerned.

Researchers have uncovered a huge botnet that mimics legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency "giveaway" scam.

- Reclaws International (

Researchers Discover Huge Crypto Scam Botnet on Twitter.

To spread the fake giveaway scam, the bots would reply to tweets posted by the legitimate account, containing a link to entice Twitter users to the scam.