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Latest News Posts


The CONSOB warning list features the names of businesses that are unlicensed in Italy.

- Reclaws International (

Italy’s Watchdog Adds TradesFX to Its Caution List.

TradesFX, according to its website, claims to be incorporated under the laws of the St. Vincent & Grenadines (SVG), a well-known offshore zone with very lax tax and legal requirements for registered businesses.

Low investors’ confidence towards cryptocurrencies has been linked to the rising incidence of frauds currently threatening adoption.

- Reclaws International (

‘How exchanges are responding to Cryptocurrency scams?'

Australia-based bitcoin platform, recently highlighted four of the major cryptocurrency scams of 2018 to include OneCoin, Centratech, Dragon Coin, and NCR Coin. These are fake altcoins that have defrauded unsuspecting customers of their money.

Mulit-Level Network Marketing Cryptocurrency Fraud in Uganda is Running Rampant.

- Reclaws International (

Uganda Cryptocurrency Fraud.

In a recent report published by the Crime Intelligence and  Investigations  Directors of the Cyber Crime Unit, several MP has asked the government to combat “various scams of companies and individuals who fleece Ugandans of their money.”